New Facebook Phone For Android Market

New Facebook Phone For Android Market

We have seen the world of mobile technology become increasingly broad in the range of services and products it provides, which has allowed it to become greatly relevant to a technologically driven culture. A larger number of niche products have hit the market that has increased its relevancy in our lives. Through the greater production and development of a myriad of apps that have made simple day-to-day tasks streamlined and more efficient. It seems, though, that our desire to remain connected to social media has become another driving factor in the mobile industry and this demand has inspired HTC to come out with a new Facebook phone that's likely to be hugely successful.

Social Media has grown by leaps and bounds in just the space of a few years and smartphones, like the HTC 4G Android Phone and others, have been highly successful through their ability to keep people connected and the new HTC Status is the new smartphone, by the provider Telus, to stay connected to Facebook. The Status is very similar to a BlackBerry. It's not the most cutting edge phone but it does have extensive integration with the social networking giant Facebook.

It will have many features that's designed to be very user friendly and integrated options for more streamlined Facebook experience. Below the physical keyboard, the Status has a "share" button that allows users to immediately access their account. It's simply made sharing photos, updating statuses, and interacting with friends and networks incredibly easy. This key feature of the HTC Status is directly linked to this Facebook hardware button. To enter a status update, all you have to do is press the button once and then type the message. If you press and hold the button, Facebook Places loads and users can then check-in to share content or interact with other users. The mobile market has yet to see a device that so completely works hand in hand with another company but this is likely to become more common, depending on how well the Status does on the open market.
The HTC Status has several notable features and runs on Android 2.3 and has a 800MHz processor. It has a 2.6", touch-screen with a 480×320 pixel ratio. It also offers users a five-megapixel rear camera with an auto-focus feature. Users will also be able to video chat with a front-facing camera with VGA resolution that's specifically designed for this purpose. This mobile device offers users all of the ancillary features that have come standard among smart-phones but with the expressed purpose to keep people in touch with their social network.

Pricing and release has yet to be announced but this is another giant leap forward for social networking, Facebook, and the Android market as a whole. It's likely to have a large market give that nearly 500 million users are actively engaged in online social interaction. This phone may not beat out other smartphones but it's another step towards the Android's attempt at overthrowing the Apple market and finally attaining the top spot among the mobile industry.

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