WiFi SD Card

WiFi SD Card

Finding a WiFi SD card can be difficult. However with the latest technology emerging, there is a new range of products available for consumers. Some of the biggest brands are now spending millions of dollars in research and product manufacturing to ensure that the latest and greatest gadgets come from them. This is no different to Toshiba.

A new Toshiba WiFi SD card called the FlashAir is a two way, 8 GB 802.11 b/g/n enabled SD card that can push photos directly fro your digital camera without the need for cables. However, unlike the Eye-Fi wireless cards the FlashAir can also exchange data directly with compatible devices in both directions. That means you can use it to push photos to your camera, and it can also be used as a mountable wireless drive for your tablet.

The FlashAir will go on sale early next year in Japan for around $90, which is close to the cost of an Eye-Fi SD card. It seemed for a while that the Eye-Fi had this market cornered, but Toshiba is giving them a real run for their money. The FlashAir set up process is easier and it is capable of generating its own wireless network.

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