ActiveSync Destroys Wi-Fi Networks

ActiveSync Destroys Wi-Fi Networks

At MS Mobiles, John Lose explains how you can bring down a Wi-Fi network using just a Centrino Wi-Fi-equipped laptop and a Windows Mobile PDA or mobile phone.

If a user tries to connect a Centrino notebook to a WPA-PSK encrypted Wi-Fi access point, then uses ActiveSync to sync a Windows Mobile 5.0 device to said notebook, Lose says, the access point shuts down.

"Since public Wi-Fi access points never use WPA encryption, this problem will not enable hackers to bring down public hotspots, but in corporate and private environments where WPA-PSK key is used, this problem may not only bring down the Wi-Fi networks but make it difficult (if not impossible) to synchronize properly a Windows Mobile device with a PC (or with Microsoft Exchange Server)," Lose writes.

More here at Google Groups.

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