AnchorFree Launches iPod Hotspot Finder

AnchorFree Launches iPod Hotspot Finder

Playlist's Peter Cohen reports that AnchorFree has announced the release of wiPod, an iPod application for finding wi-fi hotspots.

"Using the Notes feature available on late-model iPods with screens, wiPod saves you from having to visit AnchorFree to find free Wi-Fi spots in whatever area you're visiting," Cohen writes. "You can select an area you'll be visiting and download a list of names and addresses of all the free hotpsots in that area. A free download, wiPod is available exclusively for AnchorFree members. Enrolling in AnchorFree is free of charge, however."

According to Cohen, AnchorFree has also announced a new Mac version of Hotspot Shield, an application that encrypts Internet traffic over Wi-Fi.

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