AT&T Gives Free Wi-Fi to DSL Customers, Screws iPhone Users

AT&T Gives Free Wi-Fi to DSL Customers, Screws iPhone Users

Wi-Fi Planet's Eric Griffith notes today that AT&T has announced that it's offering free access at all of its 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspot locations to its DSL customers [corrected 7/5: thanks, MarkT!] — but not (adding insult to injury) to its iPhone users.

While Apple CEO Steve Jobs suggested that iPhone users simply piggyback on nearby home Wi-Fi networks, Griffith notes that "the use of Wi-Fi without permission — even on a free, open network — has been landing people in hot water of late, some coming close to jail time."

Apple's and AT&T's lack of awareness of their users' need for easy Wi-Fi access is pretty stunning. In fact, GigaOm's Om Malik notes that, in frustration with AT&T's service, "many folks are offering tips about how to use iPhone as a sixth generation Wi-Fi enabled iPod. A very expensive one, but nevertheless, an iPod."

As Wi-Fi Networking News' Glenn Fleishman puts it, "There's still obviously no mental connection inside the company between the AT&T Consumer division… and the wireless arm that's handling the iPhone. So much for integration."

More here from InformationWeekmore here from Switchedmore here from CNET News … and AT&T's press release is here.

Photo above is from Alex King.

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  1. MarkT said:

    Jul 04, 07 at 10:20 pm

    Your info is incorrect. They are giving wifi to their DSL customers, not cable as far as I can see:

  2. Jeff Goldman said:

    Jul 05, 07 at 2:24 am

    You’re absolutely right — thanks for catching that!

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