Belkin Announces Swanky New F5U302 Wireless USB Hub

Belkin Announces Swanky New F5U302 Wireless USB Hub

Gizmodo today picks up on Belkin's announcement of a new four-port Wireless USB hub, model F5U302, which supports the full USB 2.0 speed of 480 Mbps over a 30-foot range. It'll be available in August for $199.99.

While that kind of range won't make much of a difference for, say, printing – you could do the same with a Wi-Fi connection – there are potential uses that reach beyond the more predictable ones. "Perhaps this wireless USB hub would be handy for connecting a USB hard drive wirelessly, and then you could roam around with your notebook while saving your data on that gigantic hard drive stuffed away somewhere," Gizmodo suggests.

And while its technical specs appear to be just about identical to the F5U301 which came out earlier this year, it definitely looks swankier, if that matters to ya…

More here from Gearlogmore here from infoSync World … and the press release is here.

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