Introducing Bluetooth Over Wi-Fi


Ultrawideband has apparently been taking too long: the bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) this week announced plans to support Bluetooth over Wi-Fi within a year or so. The SIG is still working on Bluetooth over UWB, but says it wanted to support a more popular technology as well.

"Certified Wireless USB products have only begun to appear recently, so Bluetooth is turning to a more ubiquitous high-speed wireless technology to help with applications where Bluetooth's own bandwidth (with a theoretical maximum of 3 Mbps) is insufficient," explains Macworld's Yardena Arar.

"Devices will use the regular low-power Bluetooth radios to recognize each other and establish connections," writes ZDNet's Rik Fairlie. "If they need to transfer a large file, they will be able to turn on their Wi-Fi radios, then turn them off to save power after finishing the transfer."

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