MacBook Is Safe From Wi-Fi Exploit After All…

MacBook Is Safe From Wi-Fi Exploit After All...

Great news for Mac fans: Wi-Fi Networking News' Glenn Fleishman picks up on a report by Macworld's Jim Dalrymple stating that the Wi-Fi exploit recently demonstrated at the Black Hat conference doesn't represent a flaw in Apple's software or device firmware, because the demonstration used third-party drivers and chips that aren't found in MacBooks.

"Despite SecureWorks being quoted saying the Mac is threatened by the exploit demonstrated at Black Hat, they have provided no evidence that in fact it is," says Apple's Lynn Fox. "To the contrary, the SecureWorks demonstration used a third party USB 802.11 device — not the 802.11 hardware in the Mac — a device which uses a different chip and different software drivers than those on the Mac. Further, SecureWorks has not shared or demonstrated any code in Relation to the Black Hat-demonstrated exploit that is relevant to the hardware and software that we ship."

"The researchers have changed the message on the page at SecureWorks, the consulting site at which they provide services, to note that Apple code wasn't involved in their demonstration," Fleishman writes.

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