Seen that? – Bush to Tax Wi-Fi (or Not…)

Bush to Tax Wi-Fi (or Not…) at The Wireless Weblog

Seen that? - Bush to Tax Wi-Fi (or Not...)

According to RCR Wireless News, President Bush today proposed setting "user fees" on "un-auctioned" radio spectrum. The idea is to raise $3.6 billion over the next decade by levying taxes on unlicensed frequencies used for Wi-Fi and similar applications.The article says it's unclear yet whether the "user fee" or tax would be paid by equipment vendors or end users. As Marlon Schafer points out on the ISP-Wireless list, collecting a [...] Read More

Bush Administration Expresses Opposition to Free Wireless at The Wireless Weblog

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto, Ann Steer The Bush administration has expressed its displeasure with the idea of requiring operators making use of the "white space" bands to offer a free wireless broadband service. "The FCC has been considering auctioning 25 megahertz of spectrum in the 2155 MHz to 2180 MHz band," explains CNET's Steven Musil. "As part of the rules for using the spectrum, the FCC plans to require license holders to [...] Read More

The Affordable Bush TR2015WIFI: Who Needs DAB? at The Wireless Weblog

Stuff Magazine takes a look at the Bush TR2015WIFI Wi-Fi Internet radio for an impressively affordable £120 — and it likes what it sees. "DAB's starting to look ever so creaky," the article notes. "It's not fair really. Tethered to traditional radio signals, it can't possibly pick up thousands of stations from Tokyo to LA or Mumbai. Yes, we've seen the future already this year with several Internet radio sets vying [...] Read More

George Bush Distinguishes Himself Again at The Celebrities Weblog The Comedian in Chief, our President, George W. Bush, has again murdered the English language. Let's face it; the President is a celebrity, so it's OK to post about him in The Celebrities Weblog, especially since he's more of a clown than a comedian, and always good for a few laughs. President Bush recently explained that he had a "decision making job", which caused him to have to make a lot of [...] Read More

Bush hurts Enron’s investors at Sox First

In an extraordinary decision, the President has delivered a gift to Wall Street fat cats by refusing to back investors in a case that will affect the victims who had been defrauded by parties aiding and abetting Enron. The decision goes against the recommendations of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The shareholders are suing Enron's investment banks including Merrill Lynch, Barclays and Credit Suisse. They trusted the banks, and the [...] Read More

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