The Affordable Bush TR2015WIFI: Who Needs DAB?

The Affordable Bush TR2015WIFI: Who Needs DAB?

Stuff Magazine takes a look at the Bush TR2015WIFI Wi-Fi Internet radio for an impressively affordable £120 — and it likes what it sees.

"DAB's starting to look ever so creaky," the article notes. "It's not fair really. Tethered to traditional radio signals, it can't possibly pick up thousands of stations from Tokyo to LA or Mumbai. Yes, we've seen the future already this year with several Internet radio sets vying for our attention, and now this bargain Bush has set a new low, price-wise."

Despite the affordable price, the Bush solution accesses 2,500 Internet stations, and can stream music from a PC. The only real limitation? Just 10 presets — which, given those 2,500 stations, could be a little frustrating.

No U.S. availability yet — in the meantime, we'll just have to make do with the $299 Acoustic Energy radio, or the way-too-cool $399 Roku Wi-Fi-delity

One Response to “The Affordable Bush TR2015WIFI: Who Needs DAB?”

  1. Michael Heffernan said:

    Nov 27, 07 at 10:58 am

    A friend purchased a TR2015WIFI BUSH INTERNET RADIO from Argos in Dublin which he wishes to use on my internet wireless
    It recognises my Eircom network.
    But when I enter my WEP password which has has 26 alphanumeric symbols, as supplied by Eircom, the internet provider I am given the message MAX LENGTH REACHED and no further connection is made.
    Is there any help available for someone living in Dublin ?
    Or is this radio unsuitable
    Any help appreciated
    Yours Michael Heffernan

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