Wibree Merges with Bluetooth

Wibree Merges with Bluetooth

ComputerWorld's John Blau reports today that Nokia's Wibree technology will soon be added to the Bluetooth specification, under an agreement between the Wibree Forum and the Bluetooth SIG.

"Bluetooth has been used mostly to connect larger devices such as headsets, keyboards and mice to stereos and PCs," Blau writes. "With the help of Wibree, the technology will be able to connect smaller button-cell battery-powered devices, such as watches or sensors attached to a user's body. Wibree uses the same 2.4 GHz frequency as Bluetooth."

"We look at this as an addition to the Bluetooth family of specifications, enabling a new class of devices that Bluetooth isn't really suitable for today," says the Bluetooth SIG's Michael Foley.

"The goal is to develop specifications for two types of ultra-low-cost implementations: a single-mode implementation for watches, sensors and other tiny devices to communicate with each other, and a dual-mode implementation to communicate with both single-mode and traditional Bluetooth devices," Blau writes.

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