Wi-Fi Panic!

Wi-Fi Panic!

A recent episode of the BBC show Panorama suggests that there's real cause for concern about the safety of Wi-Fi. As Tech Digest's Stuart Dredge explains, "The programme claims that in some schools, radiation levels are up to three times the level pumped out by mobile phone masts."

PC Pro's Barry Collins says the result may well be a huge drop in Wi-Fi equipment sales across the UK. "A leading wireless manufacturer told PC Pro that its stockists were concerned about the impact of the health fears," he writes.

Still, as Switched's Terrence O'Brien notes, the BBC has also published a report stating that sitting in a Wi-Fi hotspot for a year results in the same dose of radiation as making a 20-minute cell phone call.

"Wi-Fi seems unlikely to pose any risk to health," says Nottingham University professor Lawrie Challis.

And so the debate continues…

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