Top casino games for your mobile phone » Top casino games for your mobile phone

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Top casino games for your mobile phone

Slot machines have long been popular casino game choices whether choosing to gamble in a land based casino or one found online. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the slot machine has also been successful as a top casino game for mobile phones. The availability of slot machines is increasing with more and more games provided. Some of the current machines offered at mobile casinos have become top choices for mobile phone users.

One particular slot for mobile casinos that has become hot is Burning Desires, which you can click to Play here. This is different than some other slot machine games in that it provides for a special process to accumulate wins. Overall, the slot machine has five reels. However, unlike other machines, it does not have any payline. Rather, Burning Desires offers 243 "Ways to Win". One of these is formed when you have the same symbol on adjacent reels. Without paylines, the winning symbol can appear anywhere on the reel. If the symbol appears or more than two adjacent reels, then the payout would of course be greater. The maximum winnings come from getting five adjacent diamonds which will payout 3,000 coins.

The symbols found on the Burning Desire mobile slot machine game are romantic symbols. These include a red rose, wedding bell, sparkling diamond, Burning Desire gold coin and flaming heart. Of course mixed in with these are traditional slot machine symbols like bars, 7ís and high ranking cards. A bonus feature is found with the Burning Desires slot machine. A gamble feature comes with it so that whenever a player has a winning round, simply click on the Gamble button. This would give a player the chance to double their winnings by guessing the correct colour, red or black, of a playing card. This can help to increase one is winnings with the Burning Desires slot machine.

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Play Poker Online Safely in the USA » Play Poker Online Safely in the USA

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Play Poker Online Safely in the USA

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Anyone that enjoys playing poker does not have to go further than their computer to play. The only question or concern is playing a hand safely.

There are things to consider when beginning to play poker in USA online safely. Games available for free or money have safety concerns in each instance.


Even before considering safety issues is finding an online room. Options are limited in the USA with due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). Restrictions put on the gaming provider as well as financial institutions when it comes to accepting payment for online gaming prevent avoiding paying taxes, for instance, as well as protecting gamers. It has made playing poker online in the USA more difficult as it limits or excludes USA players. The debate continues on this playtime and bill.

Free or Real

Some online poker websites are free, which means playing for fun with no real money won. The other options allows gamers to buy in to a hand and get money if they have a winning hand. Finding a gaming location online takes an engine search, chat rooms, asking friends and searching targeted newsletters or blogs. Some of the games available on both free and real money gaming website are:

*Texas Hold'em


*Heads Up



*Razz or Seven Card Stud

*Sports Betting




There are safety risks whether a gamer decides on free option or not. As with any website, newsletter or business conducted online users provide certain information. The risk is information is not used properly or is even given to a third-party. Then if the gamer decides to pay to play and dreams of winning a hand or two they provide payment information. Payment method options include:

*Credit Cards

*Checks or Banking Accounts Direct

*Bank Wire

The risk with payment is this information might be stolen. It could cause a big list of problems from racking up bills for the gamer to ruining the gamer's credit.


Playing poker online in the USA is legal, but safety is the question. The controversy deals with many internet gambling websites are offshore operators, which are not regulated and don't have to go by laws in the United States meaning the consumer is not protected.

The basic advice for playing poker online safely in the USA is being cautious. Investigate the website by looking online for reviews, checking for secure locks and marks on the website as well as asking trusted individuals including friends and even authorities.

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WiFi SD Card » WiFi SD Card

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WiFi SD Card
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Finding a WiFi SD card can be difficult. However with the latest technology emerging, there is a new range of products available for consumers. Some of the biggest brands are now spending millions of dollars in research and product manufacturing to ensure that the latest and greatest gadgets come from them. This is no different to Toshiba.

A new Toshiba WiFi SD card called the FlashAir is a two way, 8 GB 802.11 b/g/n enabled SD card that can push photos directly fro your digital camera without the need for cables. However, unlike the Eye-Fi wireless cards the FlashAir can also exchange data directly with compatible devices in both directions. That means you can use it to push photos to your camera, and it can also be used as a mountable wireless drive for your tablet.

The FlashAir will go on sale early next year in Japan for around $90, which is close to the cost of an Eye-Fi SD card. It seemed for a while that the Eye-Fi had this market cornered, but Toshiba is giving them a real run for their money. The FlashAir set up process is easier and it is capable of generating its own wireless network.

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