By having IT machines in one rack it has also lowered the operation cost of many institutions with many segments. It is affordable to finance a single micro data center than to purchase many PCs which can be sometimes faulty and thus offer substandard utility. When using micro data centers prestigious information can also be easily controlled and stored compared with using individual PCs. Most desktops can be easily manipulated by other people.

Modern data centers have been designed to be smaller so as to save space. Most data centers that were being used in the past were quite bigger. This was more costly since it could take bigger space which was being rented. This was costly to many companies mainly in the city centers since they had to rent a big room to make their installation. With the availability of smaller and efficient segments, the recurrent cost has been reduced by a very big margin.

The machine also has backup power solution which enables users to enjoy the service being rendered by the commodity in the case of a blackout. This is one of the features that has made the facility to outshine a good number of commodities used for the same reason. By having backup power users also get time to switch off the facility in the right manner to avoid loss of information of data that can be of great help to the entity using the commodity.

By using the machine, one is in a better position of creating a private cloud. This is one of the ways in which most entities store their information in the recent past. By creating a private cloud, a person will be able to access the data in remote places with other facilities. This has enabled people to share information easily without the need of transferring data. The private cloud can also be integrated with the public cloud. The platform gives one a better space for sharing information among a wide range of users in a short span of time every time needs arise.

Unlike most devices being used at the moment, the data center is suitable for a wide range of soft wares. The machine has been designed to be compatible with many applications of various nature. Soft wares of various tasks can run simultaneously in the facility. This means the commodity can solve, more than one task at a single time. Because of that, it has maximized the output being created by the facility at a single time which is of importance mainly to those companies which carry out activities of different nature every single day.

Some of the facilities are portable and thus can be relocated to other geographical locations when the need arise. For those people who move from one place to another, you do not have to worry about its portability. Because of that, users do not have to incur a lot of transportation cost when moving the facility one location to another anytime need arise.